About St. Mary's College B.ED and Higher Studies, D.EL.ED.

With education becoming an important factor responsible for the development of a country, it has become a sector for a huge number of jobs. From recent research data, it was found that there are approximately 1.3 million schools in India. Thus, there is a lot of scope in this sector. And to enter this sector, a B.Ed. degree is a must. Under the RTE Act, it has been made compulsory to have B.Ed. degree to become a teacher. It also helps in getting appointed as a teacher in both Government and public schools. This course helps one to learn the methodologies involved in the teaching profession. It consists of the training process that will make a person a very efficient teacher. Having a B.Ed. can make a huge difference to the salary package. It is a very stable job which doesn't involve risks. It also ensures job security and job satisfaction.

Message from the Principal

By the side of a sprawling green field and surrounded by greenery that soothes our body and soul; I feel that perhaps no other place can be a greater haven to employ the ideas of Pestalozzi: harmonious development of all the faculties, the ultimate objective being the improvement of the lot of the masses. Here, with inculcating the noblest ideas and ideals of teaching among young aspirants, we are trying to build the nation for a future India: India that was dreamt of by Swamiji and others. Here we impart adequate knowledge of the subject matter, teach child psychology, proper attitude towards teaching, etc for a much better future for our children to live in. Wishing everyone to be strong: because storms make people stronger and never last forever.

Mr. Ram Murat Verma
St. Mary's College B.ed. & Higher Studies, D.El.Ed.


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