Computer Laboratory

The school provides a well-equipped computer laboratory where students learn to use computers to improve their own work and prepare for careers in a world where computer has become as common as pencil and paper.



Geography Laboratory

A well-equipped laboratory always helps students to learn better and in a long lasting way. Our geography laboratory has all such carefully drawn facilities.



Physics Laboratory

Since this is a subject related to the physical processes and phenomena of a particular system, a well-equipped laboratory is one of the basic necessities. We have everything necessary according to the rubrics of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education to educate our students and keep them updated with the details of the subject.

Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry is the way a substance changes and reacts with other substances and these reactions need to be experienced by the students for a better and firm understanding of the subject. Our well-equipped laboratory offers a wide range of such experiences.

Biology Laboratory

Biology is one of the laboratory based sciences and for a proper understanding of the same, it is highly recommended that the students need a well-furnished lab. We offer a lab where all the criteria have been maintained.


Our library has a wide collection of books of all subjects, novels written by great authors, books pertaining to sports, culture, art & craft, classics, drama etc.. A standard library serves both as a tool and a teacher.

Health Room

Our school health room provides first aid, care and comfort to students who are having illness or injury.

Conservation of Resource Programmes

Encouraging students to observe and be close to nature and learn as much as possible from its practicum.


After a tiring day at school, a student needs a reliable and safe transport to commute as early as possible to attend his/her next errand. Keeping this in mind, our school has its transport run by 'Sampark Agency'. Students may avail this transport facility on the basis of discussion with the transport agency.